BespokeTC Inc.    Computer Repair and setup : Networking : Personal Technology Consultant - Chicago, IL 60622


Bespoke Technology Contractors is your high-tech concierge.
BespokeTC combines up-to-the-minute technical and product knowledge with an accessible approach that allows us to advise and support our clients in the selection, understanding and use of all their technology solutions:

  • Computers
  • Networks
  • Software
  • Computer diagnostics and repair
  • Theater, sound and phone systems
  • Smart phones

Think of BespokeTC's Technology Support service as your very own personal, on-call IT department, ready to solve any problem you encounter.

Building a new computer or theater system from scratch? With our Technology Contracting service, BespokeTC serves as your sub-contractor with the general contractor and other sub-contractors to ensure that all the requirements for your system are accommodated in any build-out.

BespokeTC can also help if you’re overwhelmed by all the options on the market—and who isn’t? With our Personal Technology Shopper service, we provide unbiased product assessments and serve as your advocate when shopping to select the right products to meet your preferences and needs.